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It's time to think outside of the box. Many people are fighting Cancer alone or their support people are limited in how much they can do on a day to day basis. There are many types of resources that people don't know they need or even know exist. This is a site that will be for the community and built by the community. So if you or anyone you know has a resource that people fighting Cancer could benefit from please provide a name of the person/organization, logo/picture, a description of services and contact information.




094850-purple-white-pearl-icon-signs-wheelchair1.pngNURSING / MEDICAL CARE:

Having a qualified professional being able to check in or monitor your loved one when you can't is an invaluable resource.




065420-purple-white-pearl-icon-people-things-briefcase1.pngLAWYERS / BANKING / INSURANCE:

Getting your affairs organized and knowing all of your options is in the best interest of you and your family before any unexpected emergencies.




085206-purple-white-pearl-icon-business-cart41.pngPERSONAL SHOPPER:

Recovering from surgeries and treatments doesn't leave strength to do simple everyday chores like grocery shopping or picking up medication and supplies.




058235-purple-white-pearl-icon-food-beverage-knife-fork-sc441.pngPREPARED MEALS / NUTRITIONIST:

Chemo and surgeries affect your body in so many ways and a simple change in diet can make all the difference. Also being able to have meals delivered after surgeries or chemo is one less thing for a fighter to worry about.




040274-purple-white-pearl-icon-transport-travel-transportation-car9-sc441.pngTAXI / SHUTTLE SERVICES:

Sometimes alternate types of transport are needed to get home, the hospital, treatments, follow ups or to pick up supplies.




085302-purple-white-pearl-icon-business-home51.pngCLEANING SERVICES / ALLERGY SPECIALISTS:

When a fighter's body is at its weakest, it is important to be in a clean environment while recovering from treatments and surgeries, especially those who suffer from allergies.




065460-purple-white-pearl-icon-people-things-hand-right1-ps1.pngMOBILE BEAUTY / MASSAGE THERAPY:

The world of Cancer has many mental and physical changes to a person's body. Treating a fighter to a surprise at home beauty treatment from massage, nails or hair can do wonders for their morale.




065523-purple-white-pearl-icon-people-things-people-speaker-sc441.pngSPEAKERS / PRESENTATIONS:

Attending seminars held by local organizations is a good way to learn about new technologies, changes in coverages, advancements in treatments and medications or bring attention to rare cases.

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