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From Facebook posts, to the book, the next step was to create a resource for people with and supporting all different types of cancers.


HelloCancer Club aka HCC:

After ending my own Cancer journey earlier this year, I am currently working on an outline for an 8 week support group that would allow people to share their unique journeys in a safe, non-pressure, family atmosphere using various topics, activities and group projects (and with a few surprises in between). A place where they can be part of a group but also anonymous by using nicknames for example.


The main concern I heard from people was that they felt there wasn't a place where they could go for Cancer in general. Each week will address something new that fighters have to get through sometimes on a daily basis. The goal is to be able to give people tools that they can implement into their lives immediately because sometimes life changing decisions have to be made in short periods of time. This will also appeal to people who are looking for something new and outside the box. People who are willing to create a different type of blue print not only for us but future generations to come.

The activities and events are designed to remind people:

1) You aren't alone and that you have something more than Cancer in common.

2) You can still enjoy the little things in life.

3) Just because you have Cancer doesn't mean you lose your identity.

4) You are in a position to help somebody else, even by being a facilitator in future groups.


NOTE: All information is confidential. Your information/details cannot be given to outside parties without speaking and gaining your permission first.


HelloCancer Link:

Majority of all cancers have their own color ribbon. Dark blue is for colon cancer. So if you ask to be connected with someone with a similar diagnosis then leaving a message or introducing yourself as your ribbon color will let the person know by message or phone call what the purpose of your message is. A meeting can be set up or you can talk directly and share as much information with each other as you feel comfortable.


HelloCancer Network:

By posting the HelloCancer Network logo in your business, organization or on your website, Facebook page, it allows people in the community to see that you are part of the growing resources available to people fighting Cancer.


You can find more information here or on Facebook.





“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that will.”

Chuck Palahniuk

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